Evaluating statokinesigram for healthy elderly
Please cite this reference article if you publish results obtained with this online demo.
A Non Linear Scoring Approach for Evaluating Balance: Classification of Elderly as Fallers and Non-Fallers

How to use the submit data fonctionality for score evaluation

Experiments Setting

The data should be recorded with the following protocol (see the paper [?] for more details):

The feet were placed in the most comfortable position for the patient without exceeding the shoulder width. The individual was asked to stand in upright position, arms laying at the side, with open eyes. The displacement of the CoP was recorded for 25 seconds. Afterwards, the individual was asked to close his eyes, and after 10 seconds, the displacement of the CoP was recorded for 25 additional seconds.

Force platform

The Force platform should have a frequency of acquisition of at least 25 Hz

File Format

The data should be formatted as follows :